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Canadian Businesses are making the changeover to healthy premium vending machines. We are looking for partners to own and operate their own iVend routes in select Canadian cities.

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iVend Premium Healthy Vending Opportunity Program Benefits


Now you can enjoy the tax write-offs that were previously only used by corporations. Your car, gas, insurance, home office, phones, computers, entertainment expenses and more can now become tax deductions. Reduce the tax you are paying now.


iVend customers pay up front. No collections, no receivables or payment plans. Cash is deposited directly into your machines. Cashless transactions go directly to your bank account.


You chose the hours that you would like to visit your accounts. No need to fight rush hour or work shifts. We believe you should design your business around your ideal lifestyle.


Your iVend Premium Healthy Vending machines are your employees and that is it. They never ask for a raise, rarely call in sick and are willing to work 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  


The simplest businesses are usually the most successful. iVend is a model that can be easily duplicated. Add more centres and increase your cash flow – It’s that simple!


The demand for premium, healthy products is established and on the rise. Vending is the “new frontier” for premium and natural healthy drinks and snacks. We are in the right place at the right time responding to this demand from Canadian consumers and locations.


Premium and healthy products appeal to all groups and classes of people. Listen to what your customers request, provide them exactly what they want and watch your business thrive.


Your timing has to be right in business. The strong demand for premium, healthy choices coupled with the new government rules and laws for vended products makes the timing of this opportunity perfect.